Comprised of the work of a team of veteran traders active since the 1990s, aggregating into a century of experience.

Firstly, background is specialist investigators in forensic financial research.

Secondly, analysis of millions of trades and billions of us dollars in trading volume.

Thirdly, integrating forensic analysis and trades with machine learning, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition for algorithmic trading.

As a result our veteran trading experience is the foundation of deep learning and proprietary Asgard database.

Above all we focus on US Nasdaq and OTC markets, taking a balanced approach by incorporating both fundamental and technical analysis.

Firstly, Asgard specialise in volatile mid, small, nano and micro-caps high-probability fraudulent scam companies.

Secondly, based on analysis Asgard identifies timing of opening a short trade.

Thirdly, to make use of and profit from position volatility, our trading algorithm software is engaged.

In short, activist shortseller and research reports is bearish by nature and focuses on the “dark side” of publicly traded companies.

In conclusion Asgard is always on the look out for the following red flags:

  • Artificially inflated stock prices.
  • False and misleading positive statements.
  • Accounting irregularities.
  • Bad actors in management or related affiliates.
  • Undisclosed related-party transactions.
  • Illegal/unethical business or financial reporting practices.
  • Undisclosed regulatory, product, or financial issues.
  • Financially distressed/shell risk.
  • Share issuance / dilution of shareholder value.
  • Foreign listed companies.

For example a company result might look like:

red flags.png

During July 2019 we decided start public results in the shape and form of research reports.

Subsequently all publicly released research reports are available in our Archives.

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