KODK Trade Alert Eastman Kodak Co. 9:35am September 16, 2020

KODK Trade Alert Eastman Kodak Co. 9:35am September 16, 2020

Trade Alert Security Details:

Symbol: KODK

Outstanding shares: 75.7 million

Market Cap: $ 810million

Share price at time of publishing: $10.70 September 16, 2020 9:35am (closing price of last 5 minute candle) [see bottom of page for third party verified blockchain time stamp*]

Target price: $6.42

*timing is of great importance when short selling. This is why all of our trade alerts are time stamped. These time stamps are third party verified using blockchain. Why blockchain? Because it is impossible to falsify. For more information please click here.

Trade Alert Company Information:

During today’s premarket, KODK’s share price spiked by more than 50% and trading volume has been significant. We believe KODK is a great short selling opportunity at the current price and see a 40% short term downside.

The below graph shows the average short trading profits of our blockchain verified track record. It shows the average downside of our trading calls by comparing the price at the time of the publication of the trade alert to the closing price on the day of the alert and the subsequent five trading days. You can  verify to the minute when a new short call is published and the price of stock at that specific point in time. The blockchain timestamps are proof of the time of publishing and content of these publications.

Blockchain track record
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