A producer of emission control devices, EVCC has been in business since 2004. Despite this they haven’t filed any SEC quarterly or yearly financial reports for the last 6 years. Their share price saw an increase of over 1,200% in a three-week period between mid-June and early July. The price then proceeded to drop by over 70% in a three-day time span.

A curious finding concerns EVCC’s stock transfer agent, Empire Stock Transfer. According to the SEC, Empire Stock Transfer and one of its employees, Matthew J. Blevins, worked together in a scheme that transferred large numbers of shares of supposedly unrestricted penny stock securities in unlegended stock certificates to offshore nominees despite several signs that the shares were likely part of an illegal and unregistered distribution (1). It involved four paid promotion stocks SwingPlane Ventures Inc (SWVI), Goff Inc (GOFF), Nostra Energy Inc (NORX), and Xumanii Inc (XUII). These four stocks were part of an SEC lawsuit against a group of offshore entities (2).

A second curious fact involves an individual by the name of Ronald Williams. Mr. Williams is named as a “US Liaison” in EVCC’s latest OTC disclosure quarterly report (3) and he shares/shared the same address with Bryan Glass (4). According to the one and only nodummy from OTC market research, Mr. Glass was/is a shell-hijacker (5) and a custodian to look out for (6).