The below table is a summary of our blockchain verified track record. As part of Utopia’s mission to find truth on Wall Street we are proud to have launched the world’s first “impossible to manipulate” blockchain timestamped and verified short calls. You can now verify to the second when a new short call is published and the price of stock at that specific point in time. The blockchain timestamps are proof of the time of publishing and content of these publications as explained below. The vast majority of our short calls involve swing trades, so we find it most pertinent to compare the price per share of the stock at the time of the publication of the short call to the closing price over the following five trading days.

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What are blockchain timestamps?

Most of our content is timestamped with WordProof, which is why you will likely see a notification that looks like this on some of our pages:

Because of this, you (as a visitor) can verify that what we wrote and published is actually shown on the webpage: it is impossible for us (or anyone else) to tamper with the information. For each page, a fingerprint is generated (the hash), which is added to a blockchain transaction. Because of the immutability of the blockchain, this transaction (and the fingerprint) can’t be modified or removed. Thus, you know for sure (and can verify yourself) that our content was published at the indicated time.

  • Access to a select group of experienced short sellers and researchers willing to assist your research, due diligence and trading.
  • Access to information from our database of previously traded and suspect tickers, people involved with these tickers, useful information sources, promotional material (such as pump articles and landing pages) and court cases.
  • Early access to short reports, allowing you to identify potential securities fraud and short selling opportunities before others.
  • Knowledge about the dark/criminal side of the stock market. Learn how the dealings of company board members, lawyers, transfer agents, accountants, hedge funds and others can raise red flags.
  • Daily watch list.
  • Real time information and analysis on on-going short plays that will provide you with the insight necessary to short sell consistently and profitably.
  • How to independently research stocks and determine their short selling viability.

Utopia Capital research provides institutional-grade research that’s affordable to the everyday investor. Unlike Wall Street investment banks, we don’t get paid by companies to talk about them. The Utopia Capital Research group has aggregated over a century of investing success.

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