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Premium Chat Service access grants the following benefits:

  • Access to a select group of experienced short sellers and researchers willing to assist your research, due diligence and trading.
  • Access to information from our database of previously traded and suspect tickers, people involved with these tickers, useful information sources, promotional material (such as pump articles and landing pages) and court cases.
  • Early access to short reports, allowing you to identify potential  securities fraud and short selling opportunities before others.
  • Knowledge about the dark/criminal side of the stock market. Learn how the dealings of company board members, lawyers, transfer agents, accountants, hedge funds and others can raise red flags.
  • Daily watch list.
  • Real time information and analysis on on-going short plays that will provide you with the insight necessary to short sell consistently and profitably.
  • How to independently research stocks and determine their short selling viability.

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After purchasing a monthly, quarterly or yearly membership above,
access to our chat service can be found here.

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