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Activist Shortsellers and Membership Community of Intelligent Investors that see the world differently.

Utopia Capital Research veteran traders and investors have been active since the 1990s. 

From August 2019 for educational purposes, we started publishing carefully timed research reports and trade alerts. These act as red flags for potential investors and warnings of suspicious trading in stock listed companies.

Since February 2020, our published research and trade alerts are third party verified with the use of blockchain technology. This is impossible to falsify and timestamped as proof of work . We are the first and only activist short sellers or investment fund that we know of to do this.

If you wish to know more about the background of Utopia Capital Research please click here.

Membership Community:

Through Invitation-only and member publications, Utopia Capital Research fosters a community of intelligent investors united by a passion of lifelong learning and critical thinking.       

With years of constant monitoring and profitable trading of the American stock market, our members have acquired a wealth of knowledge and pattern recognition. Our approach leans heavily on extensive due diligence, in-depth research and seeks to expose potential fraud and criminal activity, something we take great pride in. 

Community Members are active professionals such as High Net Worth entrepreneurs, asset/fund managers, researchers, lawyers, accountants, family offices and others sharing knowledge for win-win opportunities.

Unlike Wall Street investment banks, we don’t get paid by companies to talk about them. The Utopia Capital Research group has aggregated over a century of investing success. For more information about our community please click here.

Great Crash 1929 history of short selling

An introduction to short selling:

The following articles should serve as a basic introduction to short selling.

Part 1. Basics of short selling

Part 2.  A short history of short selling

Part 3. Short selling in the public eye

Part 4. Why you should learn about short selling

Blockchain verified short call track record:

Utopiacap track record July 20 2020

The above table is a summary of our blockchain verified track record. As part of Utopia’s mission to find truth on Wall Street we are proud to have launched the world’s first “impossible to manipulate” blockchain timestamped and verified short calls. You can now verify to the second when a new short call is published and the price of stock at that specific point in time. The blockchain timestamps are proof of the time of publishing and content of these publications as explained below. The vast majority of our short calls involve swing trades, so we find it most pertinent to compare the price per share of the stock at the time of the publication of the short call to the closing price over the following five trading days.

To further validate our track record we advise you to subscribe to our email alerts and push notification alerts.

What are blockchain timestamps?

Most of our content is timestamped with WordProof, which is why you will likely see a notification that looks like this on some of our pages:

Because of this, you (as a visitor) can verify that what we wrote and published is actually shown on the webpage: it is impossible for us (or anyone else) to tamper with the information. For each page, a fingerprint is generated (the hash), which is added to a blockchain transaction. Because of the immutability of the blockchain, this transaction (and the fingerprint) can’t be modified or removed. Thus, you know for sure (and can verify yourself) that our content was published at the indicated time.

Short Reports:

Investor Warnings:

Trade Alerts: