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Utopiacap track record July 20 2020

Welcome to our Short Reports. Since late January 2020, all of our short reports are timestamped with blockchain technology.You can now verify to the second when a new Short Report is published and the share price at that specific point in time. The blockchain timestamps are proof of the time of publishing and content of these articles as explained below.

The companies featured on our short reports have been selected through a set of variables established by our proprietary machine learning AI and database,”Asgard”.  Asgard could thus be described as stock a selection tool that identifies high-probability fraudulent/dubious tickers and ascertains high-profitability trading entry and exit points. For more information check out our about page.

What are blockchain timestamps?

Our content is timestamped with WordProof Timestamp, which is why you might see a notification that looks like this on some of our pages:

Because of this, you (as a visitor) can verify that what we wrote and published is actually shown on the webpage: it is impossible for us (or anyone else) to tamper with the information. For each page, a fingerprint is generated (the hash), which is added to a blockchain transaction. Because of the immutability of the blockchain, this transaction (and the fingerprint) can’t be modified or removed. Thus, you know for sure (and can verify yourself) that our content was written at the indicated time.

If you are not familiar with Blockchain you can read the details here.




Cemtrex, Inc. Nasdaq: CETX Short report, January 16, 2020

January 16th, 2020|

Intro: A quick look at CETX’s price action over the last twelve months will reveal a “bumpy” downward slope. We believe the present time is yet another “bump” in this ticker’s continued yet prolonged southward trajectory. In this short report we will be analysing some of the red flags investors and traders ought to be aware of, such as: securities class action lawsuits, worsening financials, dilution and a couple of institutional shareholders [...]

CounterPath Corp. Nasdaq: CPAH Short Report, January 13, 2020

January 13th, 2020|

Intro: Another week, another short report highlighting red flags to potential investors/traders. This time around we present to you CounterPath Corp. (CPAH). CPAH popped up in our radars last Friday due to its ludicrous 300% price increase relative to Thursday’s closing price, volume exceeding 42 million shares (seven times the number of outstanding shares) and RSI (14) breaching 94. The reason touted for the drastic increase in the company’s share price was [...]

Trillium Therapeutics Inc. Nasdaq: TRIL Short Report, January 10, 2020

January 10th, 2020|

Intro: Once again, we bring to your attention a ticker that has exhibited the usual behaviour that makes us warry. TRIL’s share price saw a near 100% increase yesterday with RSI (14) exceeding 85 and volume reaching record levels by a significant margin. We will thus be taking a look at some of the red flags the company rises in order to offer a more bearish perspective. Security Details (January [...]

Inpixon Nasdaq: INPX Short Report, January 6, 2020

January 6th, 2020|

Intro: INPX short report Another week, another report on a suspicious ticker. This time we present to you Inpixon (INPX). Its share price has increased by more than ten-fold over the last three weeks, volume at all-time record levels by a significant margin and daily RSI (14) exceeds 90. INPX also raises some eyebrows when a look is taken at its share issuance practices, its lenders and the underwriter of one its latest public offerings. [...]

FuelCell Energy, Inc. Nasdaq: FCEL Short Report, January 2, 2020

January 2nd, 2020|

Intro: Like most of the tickers featured in our short reports FCEL has exhibited a combination of a drastic price increase (a near ten-fold price increase over the last 2 months), trading volume substantially above the 30-day daily average (151.5 million vs 25.7 million) and high RSI (92). One might argue that this is not a particularly strange occurrence in the world of small caps but upon further inspection we have found [...]

Isracann Biosciences Inc. Pink: ISCNF Short Report, December 27, 2019

December 27th, 2019|

If you find this short report useful please consider signing up for our premium service. You will receive our short reports directly to your email before they are published on our website and will also gain access to a due diligence, research and trading chatroom. Intro: Isracann Biosciences Inc. has had quite the run over the last ten trading days with its share price increasing by nearly 100% from less than [...]