Trade Alert Security Details:

Symbol: CYDY

Outstanding shares: 496 million

Market Cap: $1.73 billion

Share price at time of publishing: $3.49 April 27, 2020 9:40am (closing price of last 5 minute candle) [see bottom of page for third party verified blockchain time stamp*]

Target price: $1.9 (medium term)

*timing is of great importance when short selling. This is why all of our trade alerts are time stamped. These time stamps are third party verified using blockchain. Why blockchain? Because it is impossible to falsify. For more information please click here.

Trade Alert Company Information:

Over the last month CYDY’s share price has a seen over a three-fold increase and the number of outstanding shares has increased by several million. Due to the many red flags CYDY raises we have previously written two short reports detailing them ( CYDY short report Feb 6, 2020  /  CYDY short report April 14, 2020). Red flags include: hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of paid promotion; heavy dilution; a “spiral of death” creditor; lawsuits involving the former Chief Medical Officer.

We believe CYDY is a great short selling opportunity at the current price and see a 45% medium term downside.

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